I recall the moment I fell in love with graphic design and photography... September 1992 Harper's Bazaar magazine with Linda Evangelista on the front cover. I was mesmerized by Linda’s pose and connection to the camera. The simplicity of the image, minimalist yet so powerful. The typography dropping down into the “A” to rest in her hand. The composition was beautiful. From that day on, the posters on my wall of late '80s English bands and heartthrobs were replaced with editorial photography by Peter Lindbergh, Steven Klien, Steven Miesel and Mario Testino. I decided I wanted to be a part of that world and collaborate with talented photographers, stylists, models, hair and make-up creating images that made people stop.

In the way that I saw the many design elements of the Harper's Bazaar cover coming together for an eye-stopping whole is how I see each project today. My approach to graphic designs is like a puzzle. There are many pieces that have to work together that don't always fit. There is never one approach or solution -- that' the beauty of it. Always changing, improving and inspiring. That has been my philosophy throughout my career. I'm most proud of my collaboration with my teams, and the relationships I have developed, challenged and mentored. I truly love working with and inspiring designers to look for the solution for creating the best design possible. Bringing out the best in them is when I find myself at my most creative. Perfectly placed, just like the "A" in Linda's hand.